Today is technically our last in class work day. The presentations are next week so we must finish wantever is not done in class at home. I went around to groups to see how much work they thought they would have to do at home. Some groups were fine and thought they wouldn’t have any homework at all. When asking Group 3 about their workload Riley said “I don’t think we will have any homework this weekend, but if we do it will only be a minute amount.” There were some groups that were like Group 3. Group 6 and Group 4 agree with Group 2 that they will not have homework over the weekend. There is always the other side of the spectrum though. Group 7 feels like they will be overloaded with homework this weekend. They say that some members weren’t pulling their weight. Also though, Group 7 says that it may just be practical reasons why they might have homework. They said that they often had writers' block or just couldn’t work fast to hit their deadlines. Honestly, I can’t blame them. In the picture I posted below I have only a small portion of the work we have had to do for the website. It is a lot of work and if someone gets behind early on most likely that group will stay behind for the duration of the project. Personally, I think every group will be done on time, but as I stated early there is some varying amounts of homework this weekend. Hopefully everyone will get done.
Just a small amount of work for the website.

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