As we are getting close to our deadline stress is getting higher. All the groups got their first review from our teacher and each other. Some groups got the best grade of a 20/20. Others however got 15/20 and even 10/20. I was able to talk to the group that got 10/20 today. They stated that they believe that they get easily distracted. Although they are not exactly up to their due dates for their work, the group feels that if they work hard they will easily be able to get back on track. As I speak I am looking over and seeing three of their group having an educational debate on a paper. I feel like more groups are along this group's line than they say. I can tell that groups are stressed because there is a lot less talking and joking and more silent working. Even though stress can be considered a bad thing I think that right now for Ms. Stifter's first period class it is an answer to our problems. It is getting us to work harder and will let us finish our project by the due date. -- Steffen and Cameron