Once again the students of first period are in their task groups. You can tell that the groups are starting to wrap up. Web design is finishing the formatting for the website and editing it so that it looks like a clean final product. The presentation group is starting to put names of the people they want to invite on the board and are finalizing the invitations. Art and video production are working very hard to finish up all of their assignments. Unfortunately, even with all this work to be done, there is some uneasiness within some of the groups. Some of the groups aren’t exactly working as best as they can. One example is the art group. I was able to interview them about their group problems. One of the members stated that the group wasn’t sharing the workload well and some people did more work than others. The group is almost venomous towards some of the people not doing their work. The members say they can’t finish as fast because some select members won’t help them and without this help the workload is too much. Hopefully, by the end of this project they can figure out how to get everyone to pull their weight and then get their work done. I am sure many groups are in this same turmoil, but slowly I am sure that we will all find a solution. -- Steffen and Cameron