Another work day is slowly being used up. Each group is trying to finish up their ShrinkLits and vocabulary that doesn’t take a whole lot of creativity. I mean, ShrinkLits take an enormous amount of thinking but it does not require making a video or any elaborate pictures. One thing that does require a great amount of creativity is literary terms. As the groups finish their ShrinkLits and vocabulary it seems a common consensus to start work on the literary terms. The group that we (Steffen and Cameron) are in just finished one of our words in video form. We were able to make a 30 second video about personification. Other groups have followed our suit. About three groups are planning on using video production to explain their literary terms. The other groups have to make posters or elaborate drawings that explain the term. The blogging team was able to take a picture of the video production team filming a metaphor. This gives a small glimpse of how hard groups are at work with their literary terms. Hopefully most of the groups will be able to finish the terms by next Monday so that they aren’t stressed about this huge creative project. -- Steffen and Cameron
Filming metaphor.
Today is our third long period day of the week. We are going to peer edit our work to ensure it’s the best possible product for the website. We ask several groups to look over our work instead of just our own group members. Most
groups are finishing their vocabulary and ShrinkLits so we can post it on the website. The reason we are peer editing is because we don’t want any plagiarized work on our website. With only three Mondays left groups are starting to get forms so that the video and art groups can produce a product to go along with the work that our groups have done. Well
that’s pretty much it until Monday. -- Sanskar, Jonathan B., Anonymous
Today is our second day of long period work. Every group now has a basic plan and is trying to see how much they can accomplish. It really seems that most all groups have tried to get the vocabulary out of the way. Each group needed to have about 25 words to define. Of the things each group had to do, ShrinkLits, historical background, literary terms, and character analysis, the vocabulary was what I felt was the easiest. I think the groups wanted to get at least one assignment out of the way quickly so they could feel accomplished. By now most groups have finished and defined all of their vocabulary and now they are trying to finish the ShrinkLits. My personal analysis of the ShrinkLits is that they take a lot of creativity and skill. I think that poetry by its self is a pretty hard thing to master. Combining that with a summary of a chapter in a complicated book makes a very tricky assignment. All of the groups are continuing to work diligently and today for most groups is just a work day. -- Steffen and Cameron
Hard at work.