Today is our second day of long period work. Every group now has a basic plan and is trying to see how much they can accomplish. It really seems that most all groups have tried to get the vocabulary out of the way. Each group needed to have about 25 words to define. Of the things each group had to do, ShrinkLits, historical background, literary terms, and character analysis, the vocabulary was what I felt was the easiest. I think the groups wanted to get at least one assignment out of the way quickly so they could feel accomplished. By now most groups have finished and defined all of their vocabulary and now they are trying to finish the ShrinkLits. My personal analysis of the ShrinkLits is that they take a lot of creativity and skill. I think that poetry by its self is a pretty hard thing to master. Combining that with a summary of a chapter in a complicated book makes a very tricky assignment. All of the groups are continuing to work diligently and today for most groups is just a work day. -- Steffen and Cameron
Hard at work.

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