Today was really hard for everyone, even Steffen and I had trouble writing the blog. Everything has been very rushed today. We started out today with something that is completely different than the book To Kill a Mockingbird. Our class got a lesson on HIV/AIDS. Although it was interesting the whole time I was just thinking about how little time we would have to practice for presenting our final product website. Most other classes had about two hours to practice for this huge presentation we have Friday. First period had about 45 minutes. It's pretty easy to see the stress on some of the faces of the people who are just standing up front and presenting in front of the class. If these people can't present in front of people they have known all year, how will they stand up to the pressure of presenting in front of multiple teachers as well? I am sure most people will be able to step up and present well and then project will go fine. The readers will be able to hear all about this presentation from the blogging team on Friday, so stay tuned! - Cameron and Steffen
Cameron, Victor, Steffen, and Morgan practicing their part of the presentation.
4/1/2012 02:22:27 am

I thought that all of you students did a great job and how creative of your teacher to come up with this project. I especially liked the videos that were done. You all have talents and working together you pulled if off. Way to go!!!

4/5/2012 01:36:23 am

My home boys! Cameron and Steffen! Great work guys!

John Doe
6/26/2014 11:54:06 am

Is this website still alive?

11/28/2014 07:26:50 am

Wow, I am a student at a different school, this is cool how you all did a website over this book. Your website helped me complete me project over TKAM. Great work!!!


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