Today we met in our task groups. The bloggers are in the clutch blogging with only 30 minutes, this schedule is rather short but we will work twice as hard to accomplish the work we do on a normal class period. Even though we are supposed to be in our task groups there are a lot of people arranging for videos and artwork to be done for them. Also, Group 5 filmed a great and descriptive video on the great depression. With the great acting and the hard work put in to it, I bet many people will enjoy it. -- Sanskar, Jonathan B., Anonymous
And so it begins; The very start of the almost two month long project for first period of Ms. Leach’s English class. Two weeks ago we started group activities to get to know our 4-5 person groups. These activities stressed how instead of compromising or voting our groups can come to a consensus and everybody gets their say. Then, after these little get-to-know-your-group activities, the project was introduced. As a class, we must make a website for the book To Kill a Mockingbird. The class is then divided up into smaller groups to find vocabulary words, make short summarizing poems, and specialize in other areas of the book. To help out these small groups there are also other groups that each kid has been put into. These groups include video production, web design, art, editing/presentation, and blogging (yours truly). Each of these groups have their own topics to specialize in. Today each group met and got their respective assignments. As I look around the room, I am surprised to see all the groups diligently working. Usually in a classroom, one would see plenty of goofing off, but this website project has everybody working very hard. There isn’t much else to say since everyone just started out today. The groups each have the vocabulary words they each want and none of the groups have the same words as another group. It’s actually pretty crazy. There are a total of 175 words up on our whiteboard right now and none of them are the same. Hopefully, this huge accomplishment is just the beginning for this amazing project. -- Steffen and Cameron
Almost 155 vocabulary words!