Today we are working in our task groups.  Each group has a goal. Unfortunately the art group did not get any forms. These forms are what the cooperative groups submit to have their art drawn. If there are no form submissions then that means that the cooperative groups do not either need any new art or don’t know what art they want yet. Since our project will be done soon, groups must submit their art forms by the end of the week so that the art task group has enough time to draw before the end of the project. Video production team did get submissions though. As I type, they are outside filming a video on the Great Depression for a group who needs filming done for their historical background project. The presentation group continues to get names for our invite to the showing of our website and the web design group continues to try to make our website better. We as the blog team are really just sitting back a getting a feel for what every group needs to do. I think being in the blog group is probably the best group to be in because you really get a sense of each groups role in this website. Each group has a special place  and if we didn’t have even one of the groups then the website would be missing a valuable piece of itself. -- Sanskar, Jonathan B., Anonymous
Slowly but surely the project is moving along. We started the class period off by taking a test on nouns, adjectives, and verbs. We also met with our group. Presentation group made a list of who to invite to the presentation. Video and production are asking for people who need help in their groups. The web design is trying to determine a good format for the website. The project is really starting to take shape. We hope to soon vote on the format and look of the website and get the website up and running in the near future. -- Sanskar, Jonathan B., Anonymous